Thursday, September 24, 2009

1969/06/27 - 1969/06/29 - Denver Pop Festival, Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Set List:

Tax Free«Tomorrow Never Knows
Hear My Train A Comin'
Spanish Castle Magic
Red House
Foxy Lady
Star Spangled Banner»
Purple Haze
Voodoo Child (slight return)

The only footage known to exist of the Experiences performance at the 1969 Denver Pop Festival can be viewed below, audio of Tax Free from this same performance is overdubbed onto the small fragments of film that were preserved from this show:

For a very detailed look into what occured at the Denver Pop Festival in 1969, follow this link

Denver Pop Festival
Mile High Stadium, Denver
June 27th ~ June 29th 1969


Friday ~ June 27th

Big Mama Thornton
The Flock
Three Dog Night
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
Iron Butterfly

Saturday ~ June 28th

Zephyr with Tommy Bolin
Johnny Winter
Tim Buckley
Creedence Clearwater Revival

Sunday ~ June 29th

Rev. Cleophus Robinson
Joe Cocker
Three Dog Night
The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Experience Hendrix LLC has a live audio stream of the entire audience made recording, follow this link to listen!

Below is a list of downloadable, non compressed versions of audio and video:

Denver Pop Jun 29,1969 1st Gen ATM 207

Denver Pop ATM 118

A Sign of the 3rd World War-Denver Stereo Merge

1969-06-29 Denver - 8mm films

Flickr member bobompicture provided the following photos and description of this event online, check them out below:

"Jimi playing Voodo Child as I remember. Unknown stage hand on right . The police threw pepper gas at people trying to sneak into concert and 30,000 got gassed. This was at Mile High stadium. We tore down the chicken wire seperating the crowd from the artists and stormed the stage. I was in the front row- Other artists at the three day fest two weeks prior to Woodstock included Frank Zappa, Credence Clearwater, Three Dog Night, Iron Butterfly, Big Mama Thorton, Flock, Spirit. It cost $15.00 for three days!"

"This is one of the last photos taken of Noel Redding with the Jimi Hendrix Experience. He quit the band after this show. June 28, 1969. I was fortunate enough to see the show close up and had my camera."

The photos and scans below come, as usual, come from flickr member rising70:


  1. I attended the Denver Pop Festival as a teenager and was also in front of the stage when the Jimi Hendrix Experience performed. I've written a 470 page book (seeking publisher) of this and other experiences that summer, including a personal interview with promoter Barry Fey, done in 2004.

    The information written here is all correct, except that Spirit did not perform at the festival. The three day list of artists above is completely correct, except for a brief reappearance-set by Tim Buckley immediately before Jimi went on. The 8mm film footage was taken by audience-member Max Romeo.

    I would welcome any relevant information or comments about the festival.

    D.C. Williams

  2. I made an error in my post. The 8mm footage was taken by Lance Romance, not Max Romeo (a ridiculous error on my part).

    D.C. Williams

  3. I'm researching a festival held in the mountains near Dillon, Co. It was the summer of 1970. Did you happen to attend that? There were no concerts, just hundreds of people gathered together. Any info or help or references would be appreciated.

  4. I attended this concert and will, of course, never forget it. I had been playing guitar for a couple of years then, and was deeply into Hendrix' guitar work. When I heard Castles Made of Sand, I never bought another Ventures album.:-)
    After the hippies storming the gates and the tear gas, they let the crowd onto the playing field. I maneuvered in front of Hendrix a bit to his right. I remember it was significantly louder than the Wards half watter that I played through. heh heh
    Some time later I heard a loud 'crack' and someone had broken one of the wooden banner- holders on that side. I remember looking up at Hendrix to see if he heard it or would notice but he didn't. The wood was covered with what would be nice hippie-memorabilia cloth and they were breaking it into pieces and I thought, they'll never get out with pieces that big.

    My dad was reluctant to let me go, but consented but told me not to get into trouble.
    The only song I definitely remember him playing was "Fire"