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1969/01/10 - Falkoner Centeret, Copenhagen - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

1st show

Foxy Lady
Tax Free
Spanish Castle Magic
Red House
Sunshine Of Your Love
I Don't Live Today«Third Stone From The Sun
Purple Haze

2nd show

Johhny B. Goode
Sunshine Of Your Love
Red House
Voodoo Child (slight return)
Foxy Lady
Spanish Castle Magic
Hear My Train A Comin'

Below is an extensive list of audience derived sources for what would prove to be one of the more exceptional nights on the 1969 tour of Europe in early 1969:

1969-01-10 - Rabalder I Teateret

1969-01.10 - Welcome To The Electric Circus Vol 1, Copenhagen

Sweeping up the pieces of yesterday's life (JPIO2-95-102)- interviews

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Copenhagen - January 10, 1969 (1st Show) - ATM 27


From Just Ask The Axis

From Chris Dixon's 30th Anniversary Series © C S Dixon
January 10th, 1999 marks 30 years since Jimi's show at the Falkoner Centret in Copenhagen, Denmark. The gruelling pace of this European jaunt continues (3 days / 6 shows with 2 more tomorrow!!). Despite this, Jimi & Co. turn in some great performances this night IMO. Tape survives of the complete first show and of just 4 songs from the second. The mix is reasonably listenable but, as is typical, the guitar loudest (no complaints). The vocals suffer the most, the victim of yet another woefully inadequate sound system. Songs in which the guitar phrases around the voice (I Don't Live Today, Red House) fare a bit better but on the louder stuff the voice is essentially missing. Funny, when you know what it's supposed to sound like you can at least imagine the words are being heard - much like convincing yourself you see the hidden pics in those optical illusions! Ah well...

(1st show setlist): Fire; Foxy Lady; Tax Free; Spanish Castle Magic; Red House; Sunshine of Your Love; I Don't Live Today; Star Spangled Banner; Purple Haze

'Foxy' features some clever variations on the solo otherwise sticks to usual form.

'Tax Free' makes its first documented appearance since the Oct 68 Winterland run. Jimi mentions composers Hansson & Karlsson - reasonable to guess they were in attendance at some of these shows. The opening chords have a much cleaner tone than previous (and later) versions. After the initial theme, Jimi speeds it up and does a riff briefly reminiscent of King Crimsons '21st Century Schizoid Man' (a current release at the time I think?). He then slows it down for a jazzy middle section similar to the 'War Heroes' studio version, tho not as much of a 3/4 feel. Some percussive chords, sounding much like the 'Red House' interludes of the period (a drumstick perhaps?) gives way to some nice altered chords from Jimi and we hear Mitch in full 'Elvin Jones' mode! Also some nice 'tapped' guitar licks during the speeded up coda...

'Spanish Castle' begins unusually with Mitch starting *before* Jimi instead of the other way around. Jimi's solo varies from it's usual opening statement. He throws in a few country-ish licks much like the previous night, then hits some great rythmic variations, stepping away from strict time and losing Noel and Mitch a bit in the process- some 'edge-of-the-seat' tension but they get locked back in soon enough! After restating the riff he does some unusual 'stops and fills' (sounding a bit like part of the later 'In From The Storm' bridge) before winding it down.

Jimi starts 'Red House' a little out of tune but covers it nicely. For some reason he stops singing (but not playing) after the first line - he starts over at the next 12 bars with a quick aside of "..let's try that one more time..."! The middle solo features a couple of rounds of 'full shred' solo (bridge pickup + depressed wah = ouch!) before the 'slapped' chords and a short 'free time' solo section where, once again, he visits some country-style licks.

Runs right into 'SOYL' but guitar trouble starts as soon as he goes to state the melody. A bass solo follows but Jimi returns quickly, albeit sticking to rythmic muted strums for quite awhile.

Jimi introduces 'VC(SR)' but then says "...we'd like to do 'electric storm' to make a few sounds...electric church music, part one". Offers no further explanation, and does 'I Don't Live Today' instead. He goes nuts on the first solo, as intense as any 'Wild Thing' finale IMO! Even throws in a little 'Star Spangled Banner' and '3rd Stone'! The speeded up final section is very short, but that's certainly understandable!

(2nd show setlist (surviving on tape, that is)): Fire; Voodoo Child (SR); Foxy Lady; Spanish Castle Magic

At start of tape we hear Jimi trying to establish the opening feedback intro for 'Foxy' (always a moment of tension till the note catches!). Starts OK, but then the note jumps an octave, then back, then fizzles he starts 'Fire' instead- nice recovery!

'Foxy' does end up going off w/o further incident. Some nice variations on both the solo and coda (even a quote from 'Day Tripper' during the last chorus!)

A great 'Spanish Castle' ends the record of this night. Jimi's main solo goes on quite a few tangents, including some extremely long sustained notes, then moves into some random percussive effects on the neck. The pace slows and Jimi and Noel lock in on a descending chord progression that is similar to part of 'Cherokee Mist'. Eventually leads back to the main theme to close.
Quite a recovery from the previous night!

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  1. I attended the 1. show.
    The danish press warned that Jimi would arrive with a plastered leg which he broke on a slippery sidewalk in New York in late december 1968. No acrobatics, just standing right up playing for full power! Great experience!
    Orla E. Jørgensen.