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1968/05/10 - Fillmore East, 2nd Avenue/6th Street, New York, NY - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Easily one of my favorite Jimi Hendrix performances, words don't need to be expressed to tell how good this tape is. Red House from this audience tape is the longest version known to have been played by Hendrix, not to be missed! Two shows were performed, but there is only info and an audience recording available for the second performance, which is what has been provided below from the 2007 bootleg release Thank You, and I Just Blew Another Amp!:

This was a companion disc with "Can You Dig That? torrented by Hans-Peter last Summer. An upgrade, compared with "Bill Grahan Presents..." and of course the best source for this concert in circulation.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

"Thank You, and I Just Blew Another Amp!"
(For Trade Only FTO 011, 24/VI/2007, 1CDR)

Fillmore East
New York City, NY
May 10th, 1968 - 2nd Show

- Audience recording - 1st generation
- Digitally restored, phase & speed corrected
- Artwork included (original and edited)

Track list:
01. Lover Man
02. Fire
03. Foxy Lady
04. Red House
05. Hey Joe
06. The Sunshine Of Your Love
07. Hear My Train A-Comin'
08. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window ?
09. Purple Haze
10. Wild Thing
Total time: 62:16

Notes (from "In From The Storm" site): This is an upgrade that has been doing the rounds in Summer 2007. Generally considered to be one of Hendrix' finest performances, it has has been bootlegged several times over the years. These bootlegs have all been missing "Wild Thing" (19), and collector's discs - including the ATM 093 "Bill Graham Presentes The Jimi Hendrix Experience" - have only featured 0:46 of the track. Although still incomplete, "Wild Thing" (19) clocks in at 3:16 here, making this set not only an upgrade in regard to generation, but also the longest and most complete version of the show to date.

This disc is compiled from 2 different 1st generation transfers of the recording, which were both unfortunately incomplete. The Main portion is taken from the 2nd
transfer, while "Hey Joe" (28) and parts of "Red House" (19) and "Purple Haze" (27) were patched from the 1st transfer. It has also been phase corrected and pitch adjusted (the pitch varied throughout the main source - on "Red House" (19) alone, pitch saged by about 7% from start to the end of the track!)

This version of the Fillmore East recording includes various in-between-song chat and tune-ups omitted from all pre-2007 bootleg versions of this show.

April 2007.

Check out an amazing collection of photos of Jimi on stage and backstage for the Fillmore gig Hendrix did in May of '68. Photos provided by flickr user rising70:

Check out more photos from this gig here

From Just Ask The Axis:

From Chris Dixon's 30th Anniversary Series

May 10, 1998 marks 30 years since Jimi's landmark Fillmore East 68 show. This has always been one of my favorites. Some time off from the road and being in his old haunts of NYC finds Jimi in a good, and musically adventurous, mood. He apologises for malfunctioning amps, saying "we haven't had a chance to get them overhauled in America" -curious as the band had been in the states for awhile-maybe some more amps got sent over during the break in the concert schedule?. Technical problems really aren't noticable, though he does have some tuning problems later in the set. In all, this is one of the best sounding audience tapes out there IMO- probably the result of the Fillmore's good sound/acoustics and a lucky taper position! A few highlights:

First concert appearance of the 'Lover Man' rewrite of 'Rock Me Baby'. Pretty loose with a longer intro. Jimi would return to 'Rock Me Baby' briefly in Aug 68 before settling into the 'Lover Man' version for good.

After 'Lover Man' he plays brief snatches of 'Surfin USA' and 'Summertime Blues', blaming it on "I just had a flash..."!

Great 'Red House'. I believe this is the first recording (and one of the few) of the black Les Paul Custom (it appears in pics from Newark in April), and it's rich, darker tone is immediately evident. Pictures show this Paul as having not only the original square-polepieced Alnico neck pickup, but what looks like a large P90 single coil in the bridge position instead of the traditional humbuck- this would make it a late 50's model (Jimi didn't seem to be a vintage guitar freak for the most part). Anyway, this is possibly the longest 'Red House' on the record at a little over 15 minutes! He plays an extra verse before the vocals enter, then a straight solo followed by a verse of that 'slapped' chordal technique. Doesn't sound like the heavy Les Paul body is quite as responsive to this as the lighter Flying V. Then there's a rare (for Red House) drum solo- these often appear in Jimi's show's when he's having guitar troubles, though he plays fills for a short while before dropping out. When he re-enters it's with wha-wha and he does a clean solo with that and then plays with it unaccompnied for a bit, ending with more 'slapped' chords with wha which sound more percussive so possibly he's using a drumstick on the strings. The band reenters and he cranks it up for a couple of verses with 'full shred' wha sound before finishing it off with the last vocal verse. Right up there with San Diego and RAH for my favorite versions!

'Hey Joe' also one of the, if not the, longest at about 7 minutes. The 'dramatic' intro has returned and is a bit longer. Plus, he does what is usually the final solo, then *returns* to the last two verses and another short solo before ending it.

First concert appearance of 'Sunshine Of Your Love', though they only goof on it for about 25 seconds! It wouldn't appear in full until the fall leg of the tour.

First regular concert appearance of 'Hear My Train' (though they did do an early version at BBC). Jimi introduces it a couple of minutes in as "a song we've never played before". Unusual features include a section played with teeth around 5:30 and a short double time section at end.

Last concert appearance of 'Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?', though there is that alleged 'soundcheck' version, probably from Winterland 10/68.

'Purple Haze' gets a long intro and outro. Show apparently ended with Wild Thing (listed as incomplete on tape but not on my 'One Night Stand' CD). Pictures from the gig show a nice old sunburst Strat meeting it's maker at the end of this gig....
I usually try to play the impartial reporter but everyone should have this show IMHO!

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