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1967/06/18 - Monterey Pop Festival - Monterey, California - The Jimi Hendrix Experience


Coming off major success in the U.K, The EXP. came to Monterey for the Monterey Pop Festival, a spot they landed by the recomendation of Beatle Paul McCartney. Once in Monterey, Jimi went off to find a new strat. Shopping for the strat with Keith Altham, a journalist, according to Keith, Jimi found a Red Strat. Jimi didn't like it being Red, but said he would paint it with white, according to Altham. After the Rehearsals, or before hand, Jimi painted half of the Red Strat white, and painted designs all over the guitar with a few felt tip pens. At the time of the festival, backstage, Various acts went on. When it was down to the last few acts, The Who and Jimi got in a scuffle over who would go on first, a coin was flipped, The Who won. Jimi, according to the story given by Pete Townshend in "A Film About Jimi Hendrix", got up on a chair and played a amazing guitar solo and said if he was following The Who, He would pull out all the stops. So after The Who's set and Destructive Finale, the roadies of The Who came on and cleaned up, The EXP's roadies came on and set up, Jimi with his feather boa and jakcet, Introduced by Rolling Stone Brian Jones, came on in total darkness and played incredibly fast, the intro to Killing Floor, and went through the song with amazing energy. At the end of the song everyone stopped but Jimi who slammed on the Tremelo arm solo bending the last few hammer-on notes with stellar power, He would have made a stand if he left after just this song! After a few words, and tune up, you hear that feedback of Foxy Lady, and Jimi does the splits and a rather good solo. Next Jimi takes off his Jacket and Boa, You can see why if you see the footage, He was wearing about 4 layers of clothing at that time. Jimi introduces the next song as a thing by Bob Dylan, and plays Dylan's hit, soulfully, to the suprise of the audience, with no mistakes besides a missed verse which Jimi jokes off in the middle of the song. After a little tune up, The EXP. goes into a spin off of B.B. King's "Rock Me Baby", the same notes as the song to be later known as "Lover Man", and powers through the fast tune with amazing ease and lots of stage antics that the crowd eats up. Going on the energy, they go into Hey Joe, the big hit in the U.K. and to be in the U.S, at the solo Jimi pulls off a Teeth Solo, to the pure amazement of the crowd. "Oh no, I think i'm out of tune!" and they go into Can You See Me?, a fast, powerfull song, with a solid solo. Jimi annouces he's going to slow it down a little bit, and a they go into The Wind Cries Mary. After that they go into Purple Haze, very nice tone and solo. After switching to his Painted Strat, he says to the Crowd, "..I not losing my mind.." and more and announces it as "The English and American Anthem" and goes into feedback. Absolute silence is all across, you could hear a pin drop. Jimi pushes the guitar through hell in back, and at the very end off the feedback, goes into the chords of Wild Thing. Pulling out all the stops just like he said he would, playing behind his back, rolling over on his back, playing with his arm, you name it. At the end, Jimi bows and starts to ram the amps, so much that the roadies have to hold them up. After that Jimi plops the Guitar on the Ground and pushes down on the Tremelo arm a few times. Jimi gets up and grabs a thing of lighter fluid and a match. Jimi squirts the lighter fluid and the crowd is in complete silence still. Jimi lights a match and you can see the crowd's eye widen. Jimi drops the match and to the complete shock of the crowd, lights the guitar on fire. After watching it burn, he swings the burning guitar over his head and smashes it to pieces, throwing the pieces in the audience. Complete chaos erupts, some going crazy, some sitting there with shock. A announcer comes and says, "Jimi Hendrix!" and the feedback is still going off. The Gratefull Dead's on next. I think you know how that went.



Set List:

Killing Floor
Foxy Lady
Like A Rolling Stone
Rock Me Baby
Hey Joe
Can You See Me
The Wind Cries Mary
Purple Haze
Wild Thing

Recordings are:

Soundtrack Recording

Video of All Songs except Can You See Me?:


Below is an incredible collection of photos from this historic festival uploaded to flickr by user rising70

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