Tuesday, September 22, 2009

1970/09/03 - KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark - Hendrix/Cox/Mitchell Experience


Coming off a disasterous gig the night before in Aarhus, Denmark, Jimi and Kristen Nefer and Gang traveled off to Copenhagen to play what would be one of the Last Concerts, and certainly one of the most powerful ones, of the Cry Of Love tour. Seeming to put all his energy into making up for the disaster in Aarhus the night before, Jimi and Crew blasted through a long, powerfull, tight set. As shown in available 8mm films and pictures, Jimi was very energetic, doing his splts and playg behind his and with his teeth. Although seen in some pictures in the back of the stage, the black Flying V seen at shows like Maui and Isle of Wight was not used, instead Jimi used a combination of the Black and White strats. This show is full of great examples of Billy, Mitch, and Jimi really starting to form a tight seal a group. The show starts out with Stone Free, a rare occurence in itself! Then slings itself into a tight Foxy Lady, very well played, no slip up. Then comes Message to Love, tight, energetic as always but it seems straight into a soulful, gripping, Hey Baby. And right after the audience gets it's mind blown from Hey Baby, Jimi goes straight into All Along The Watchtower! Another suprise! After a minute or two of tuning up, Jimi goes into a frightening Machine Gun, then Spanish Castle Magic. While Jimi goes backstage, puts on a pair of teal colored pants, Mitch starts a mind blowing drum solo, ending with the Intro drum solo to Ezy Rider, which the Audience is fully into, clapping and enjoying every moment, Jimi comes in and give an extremely powerful version, one of the best, Billy Cox gives great timing and some nice embelishments to the standard line, and Mitch gives his usual %110. This one highlights the show in my view. Going through Freedom, Red House, and a nice In From The Storm, Jimi heads into Purple Haze, topped with a nice Teeth Solo, the only Purple Haze I can think of with a teeth solo. After Purple Haze, Jimi blasts through a 12 minute Voodoo Child (Slight Return). Probably tired and blown out from 2 hour set, Jimi amazingly enough comes back from behind the stage, to the massive joy of the fans, and plays a two song encore of Hey Joe and Fire! Definately listen to this one!

- Uchi

Set List:

Stone Free
Foxy Lady
Message To Love
Hey Baby (The Land Of The New Rising Sun)
All Along The Watchtower
Machine Gun
Spanish Castle Magic
Ezy Ryder
Red House
In From The Storm
Purple Haze
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)>>Sunshine Of Your Love>>Calling All Devil's Children
Hey Joe


Some of the audience sourced recordings of the Copenhagen show are:

Copenhagen '70 Vibratory Merge

Copenhagen 09.03.70 (ATM 084-085)

8mm Film snippits:

1970-09-03 Copenhagen 8mm Resynced

Check out the silent footage here:




Below is an incredible source of photos of one of Jimi's finest performances. All pictures below have been uploaded online by flickr member rising70, we thank him dearly for his photos on flickr:

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