Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1970/04/25 - Los Angeles Forum, Los Angeles, California - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Set List for the 1970 LA Forum Gig:

Spanish Castle Magic
Foxy Lady
Lover Man
Getting My Heart Back Together (Hear My Train A Comin')
Message To Love
Ezy Ryder
Machine Gun
Room Full Of Mirrors
Hey Baby (Land of The New Rising Sun)
Villanova Junction
Drum Solo
Star Spangled Banner
Purple Haze
Voodoo Child (slight return)

This is a Hendrix show that sounds very nice on all of the sources available, Hendrix was in a very good mood this evening and it is very evident in his playing. Some very nice excursions from the norm on this set and some very spirited soloing all the way through out. Jimi seemed like he could really hear his bandmates as everyone stays locked in the entire show, something not so common place with inadequate pa micing and speaker set ups of the time.

The band had just morphed from Band of Gypsys into a new modified version of The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Gone was Buddy Miles and in the throne was Mitch Mitchell again. Noel Redding was summoned to start rehearsals with Mitch Mitchell and Jimi Hendrix but that ideas was very short lived and bassist Billy Cox was instead choosen, the bass player who played a key role in the Band of Gypsys period. Now Jimi had his old army buddy Billy Cox on tour and now you can really hear what a bass player with finess and a style more closer to Jimi's could do for Hendrix's more colorful and earthly sound he was tapping into in 1970. This is the first show from their 1970 North American shows dubbed The Cry of Love Tour with a weekend schedule that would accomidate their work on studio projects, mainly the double album Jimi was working on before he sadly died. - Erik Otis

If you would like to hear this show in streaming audio, Experience Hendrix has graciously uploaded this shwo to their server, listen here

Here are 4 audience sourced audio recordings from this LA Forum 1970 concert, enjoy!

LA Forum '70 (+Cal Expo) (ATM 048-049)

1970-4-25 ATM 130-131 STEREO

April 25, 1970 - 3rd Source Upgrade

1970-04-25 4th Source (ATM 241 + Bonus Disc)

Below is a compilation of photos taken from various sources at the LA Forum gig in 1970:


  1. Nice initiative to highlight some great concerts,but there's a hell of a lot to go if you want to highlight "all" his great shows !!!!
    Guess this one is more about your personal favorites.
    Looks good though.

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  2. this is just the beginning, patience is all I ask for :)